Are You at Risk of Data Loss Because of Insiders?

Insider threats are the security risks originating from within a targeted organization. The actor may not always be a part of the organization. They may also be ex-employees, business partners, consultants, or board members.

Often, the actors are not mindful enough when sharing sensitive information externally.

The Careless Insider is the insider who harms an organization by handling sensitive data irresponsibly, such as downloading malware, clicking suspicious links without checking, and disclosing credentials to a fraudster.

According to an Insider threat report, 70% of organizations surveyed said insider attacks are becoming more frequent. Additionally, 56% of respondents said that detecting insider threats is harder since migrating to the cloud. When organizations do not have proper controls to mitigate insider threats to sensitive data, they risk financial losses, fines, and damage to their reputation.

Download this infographic to learn more about:

  • Threats due to careless insiders



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