Cloud Security is not equal to Cloud Data Security

Cloud Data Security
  • 82% of companies provide third-party vendors with highly privileged roles, which poses a significant risk to sensitive data.
  • 15% of vendors receive extensive write-permissions that allow them to modify documents on the cloud
  • 90% of cloud security teams are unaware of permission levels given to third-party vendors.
  1. Reduce data going to the cloud: Many times, it’s possible to simply remove the data stored in a cloud service if it is not required to be there.
  2. Detect and classify data going to the cloud: This is a standard functionality in any Cloud Access Security System (CASB) systems and some DLP systems, too, but there are also specialist discovery and classification systems that provide this functionality for cloud applications.
  3. Encrypt data and embed security controls into the data: Encryption and rights management systems integrate with CASB systems and cloud services themselves to automatically encrypt the data and embed granular usage policies into the data.




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