Data Classification + DLP + EDRM — The Complete Data Security Story

Classification…DLP…Encryption…WHAT’S NEXT? Billions of dollars are spent annually on Cyber Security products, yet the threats and breaches continue to rise at unprecedented rates. On-going attempts to control the perimeter such as Applications, Devices and Networks — all become futile based upon the “perfect storm” of events: 1) External users working from home and subcontractors, 2) Data access requirements, 3) BYOD and 4) Shadow IT created by users leveraging Dropbox or OneDrive. Perimeter based solutions simply don’t cut it anymore!

The world of data-centric security is upon us. Let’s take a look at some of the common data-centric security offerings, and where they fit in the security hierarchy. Data Classification offerings allow automated or manual “tagging” methods whereby unstructured content (files) can be identified with a classification — e.g. Public, Private, Secret, Top-Secret…you get the picture. And though value can be ascertained after content has been classified, the “protection strength” of Classification on its own merits are low. As we move towards a DLP solution, its inherent content discovery capabilities can further leverage “tagging” provided by the Classification offering. Based upon such discovery, actions are invoked, which might include the quarantining of the content, or perhaps forcing end user interaction and approvals. In either case, we have either broken the workflow, or allowed content into the “wild” which perhaps shouldn’t have left the perimeter. Now If we add encryption into the mix, we have likely created a false sense of security. Once the content is un-encrypted, all controls are lost, with no audit trail to boot.

As Gartner states “Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) will become the only durable, granular, file-level mobile data protection” offering in the market that can truly provide the final defense to the “last mile” problem. Encryption at rest, in motion, and in use” (while un-encrypted).

The solution to the “perfect storm” is EDRM, and when combined with other data-centric security offerings, you’ve created the “silver bullet” to the “last mile” problem.



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