Digital Rights Management Architecture

How Digital Rights Management Protects Data for an Organization

  1. Protect a file
    You protect a file on your computer
  2. Share it any way you like
    You send it to the recipients via any mechanism: email, file-sharing services, USB drives, CD/DVD, …
  3. Data security is permanently enforced
    File can be accessed on any platform or device — and it never loses its security

Seclore’s Digital Rights Management Architectural Elements

  • Seclore Policy Server: The command-and-control center of the Seclore system that is used to manage usage policies, user permissions, protected files, activity logs, and other information
  • Seclore Identity Manager: Our own LDAP system that functions like a full-fledged Identity and Access Management system with users, groups, OUs with registration and self-service workflows
  • Seclore Lite Server: The server used to access protected files using Seclore Lite Online, our browser-based module
  • IAM Systems: Any Identity and Access Management, Identity Federation, or Single sign-on system integrated with Seclore FileSecure for user authentication
  • EFSS: Seclore adds persistent data security to files that are shared via Enterprise File Synch and Share (EFSS) systems
  • File Servers: File servers with folders (called ‘Hot Folders’) configured to secure files as soon as they are placed inside them
  • ECM Systems: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems (e.g. IBM FileNet, Microsoft SharePoint) that are seamlessly integrated with Seclore to automatically add data-centric security at the point of download
  • DLP Systems: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems (e.g. McAfee DLP, Symantec DLP) that are integrated with Seclore to automatically secure files discovered by DLP
  • Enterprise Applications: Enterprise applications (e.g. SAP and Transactional Systems) integrated with Seclore to automatically apply data-centric security to downloaded files, reports, and other extracts

Seclore Digital Rights Management Architecture –
in the Cloud




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