Five Common Causes of Data Breaches

Five Common Causes of Data Breaches

Human Error

  • Poor password hygiene: Most employees are notoriously careless regarding password management. In fact, many employees are known to use the word “password” itself as a password. Further, using a password for an extended duration, writing it down, and sharing it with colleagues and managers substantially increases the risk of a data breach.
  • A misdirected email: Let’s admit it! Most of us do this at least once in our lifetimes. We intend to send that confidential report to John Smith, but we end up sending it to Jon Smith, who’s a consultant or vendor. Now that the data is out of the organization and lies with an unintended recipient, you’ve simply lost control of it.
  • Forgetful employees: You may have deployed an email security solution that requires senders to apply security manually to sensitive emails. Will they remember every time? Highly unlikely! Relying on employees to manually add protection to emails is inherently risky. While you may be worried about data security, all your employees may not share your concern on this subject.

Insider Threat

  • In December 20204, a former employee of CISCO accessed the company’s systems without authorization and deployed malware that cost the company more than 2 million dollars in damage.
  • In 20155, a Google employee stole several trade secrets from its self-driving car program to start his own venture. The stolen data included diagrams, source code, videos, PDFs, etc.

Poor Access Control

Sole Reliance on DLP and CASB Solutions

Increasing Use of Mobile Devices

You Need Data-Centric Security




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