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1 min readApr 20, 2022


In the age when applications are available for every business need, accessing data on mobile devices now exceeds desktops, with 42% of all emails being opened on mobile devices or tablets. However, most emails are accompanied by attachments that contain sensitive data to the organization that is not protected.

Risks of a Data Loss

Mobile devices are usually the first to fall under an organization’s BYOD policy, which increases the susceptibility of data loss. Some of the risks include:

  • Adversaries target mobile users with spoofed HTML files in phishing attacks
  • Weak security controls on mobiles can risk troves of sensitive data being stolen
  • Data such as cardholder or PII, etc., can put companies at risk of violating GDPR, PCI DSS and other compliances

How Can Organizations Secure Information Regardless of Device, Operating System, or Mode of Access?

Couple security with data wherever it goes. Security permissions should follow information regardless of how it is accessed. Seclore for Mobiles removes a major hurdle for confidently adopting BYOD and maintaining compliance in highly regulated industries.

Sensitive data accessed on a mobile device or MDM-enabled mobile device is wrapped with persistent, granular usage controls that allow for a seamless user experience with zero friction. Whether files are accessed from email applications or cloud storage applications like Box and SharePoint on mobile devices, security controls follow data.

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Seclore’s Enterprise Digital Rights Management solution enables organizations to persistently control the usage of files wherever they go.